Hi friends

                          I am very happy that you visited my contacts page. I am Jobin Martin Sebastian, medicine graduate from Kerala. Puzzlehacker.com was born when I came across an idea, an idea which changed the way I thought. Maybe it  is the way everyone thinks. Thought process is complex, converting thoughts into puzzles created something which was unique. I have recieved hundreds of emails from friends who have tried solving this puzzle. Some say puzzlehacker has improved their problem solving skills, yet some others have contributed by framing puzzles. I love solving puzzles and creating puzzles which are abundant in text, and descriptions. Box puzzles like sudoku can be interesting but eventually everyone can master Sudoku puzzles.So I have converted puzzles into long text, to confuse, to puzzle anyone who tries to solve this riddle.

Puzzlehacker main riddle, which created enormous interest. I created a few more puzzles, but it was indeed hard for me when I lost my webpages due to some technical problems. Eventually I could recreate the puzzles after a lot of hard work.

I have a few blogs where I post some interesting  finds I gather from the web.

                        Technology blog:                Techpiper.com

                               Health Blog  :                   Masterofmedicine.com
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                                        Mail me @ martin.jobin@gmail.com

Awaiting Valuable comments and suggestions from  you.








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