Names are given in order, first to last

               Name            Location         Comments
        Aditya Pingili            Working as Technical  recruiter.First person who mailed me and asked for a clue
        Dhara Kapadia    Demanding a correction for birthday question.
        Vikram Pandya        Mumbai    Man with good thinking and solving ability.First person to reach page 50.Helped me on improving the site.
       Akarsh Surendran    Clue regarding birthday
       Infect V2(Gmail)     
       Nipun Bhalla    A word of inspiration
         Pratish          Nagpur    Another word of inspiration
    Pranav Kant Panchauli         Delhi
    Pratish G
   Aneesha Menon         D1004 jal vayu
        navi mumbai
        410 210
   "Hoping that this gets posted in your site!"
   Anup Jyoti    Trying hard
   Vedang Haldankar         Mumbai
   saurabh P
   Abhinav Sharma         Giving some valuable corrections.Promised me,that he would mail me some puzzles.Never saw a mail from him laterzz!!
   Rishi    Finds time to solve the puzzle in his office.Hopefully until his Boss gets hold of him!
   Robin Raju    Good one
   Murali Snaidu
   Pushkar Patil   Gave me the seed for a new  puzzle.
   Anil Reddy
   Lalit Jadav   Wrote a long mail to me,giving insights on how to improve the site,correcting some mistakes.Thanks Lalit
  Shashi Bhushan        Jersey City,
       New Jersey,
Susan  Usa


shrey shukla Delhi Student
Saad Delhi Stuck on 16th
Somil Bhandari Indore Great Work keep it up
somya Delhi Student
Raunak Shankar India i like ur way of asking ques. very and will try to solve all ur 75 pages.
Ranish Karachi Student
Ibrahim Pune-Dental student hehe.. nice 1.. though m finding some of thm hard...
but way to go ..
thnx for makin mt think..
manish bajaj Delhi-business analysist in infosys ts a great game..........i m big fan of u now
aashish rathi Raipur
jubin 1st clear my confusion - sachin page is 69th or 70th? if u r not mistaken then its 70th page, but u mentioned archit is in 69th page but actually he is in 70th page and i need some clue for 70th (sachin page) pls do the neddfull
Antony Chennai-Engineer Good one
Praveen Bangalore
Afzal Ahmedabad He is a good poet and a good friend
Apoorva karnik his is a gr8 stuff
i love this game..any clues for this page?
Rahul Jaiswal Gurgaon-Software Developer This is great concept.
Uzair Pakistan
Abdullah excellent work
simi USA this site is great !! kuduos to the hard work & great thinking put it !! it's just addictive... wish i could spend more time on this site but alas :( everything has it's own limitations i believe :)
manashree damle
i got da ans 4 who owns da fish..
its da german!
Chinmay Chiranjeeb Rout Bhubaneswar-Web Developer
This Puzzles are very tricky and challenging. I love Challenges. This is very Useful for Youngsters.
Soumya Ranjan Swain Bhubaneswar-SEO Specialist Pretty good puzzles to make mind refresh
debanjan mukherjee. kolkata Nice work
Aastha Bansal this is a very good site.And i wanna tell you that the worst part is you cant get to the next page without solving the current page.
Gaurav Gupta London, UK-Software Developer really like ur site n best thing to expand the brain.
Suthish Menon Kottayam Good puzzle
neha Mumbai
well, gr8 work..dis puzzle is relly addictive...n fun din work 4 my oter frnz, cuz dey gave up easily...i still havnt finishd d quiz yet...but i thin i'll do tht very soon...neas...gr8 goin...n do keep us informed abt ne new quizes or puzzles tht u publish
-hav fun!
Uzair Nisar Nandwani Karachi
Vidhyasagar FA
pramod sankar Kochi-Technitian This puzzle is very intresting
Tariq Pakistan Good Job
Abdur Rauf Lahore Amzing and interesting riddles
Anup Kr Jyoti Ranchi Hi Martin,

Its a wonderfull effort by u. Hope u will lead to a new path in this world
vipul Ranchi Good work!
Rebecca USA My brain needed to wake up. Love this
lakshya batra Haryana plzz give some clue for pg 70..the sachin one...and why is it numbered as pg 69 is pg 70...i think theres some connection with 69 and endurance and it might be related to his ad campaign
Updated on 13-4-07

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