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                                     Puzzlehacker Tips



              For a novice:

    Q:      How to change address in the addressbar?

     A:    if page 1 is www.puzzlehacker.com/1.html,to go to next page, type the answer in    the place of one and press enter.

              ie if x is the ans, type www.puzzlehacker.com/x.html


Some steps everyone forget

1. Always try to remember the previous levels

2.Some difficult pages have links hidden in them find those

3.In some pages,clue maybe hidden in the source page

               Right click mouse and click on view source to see the source page

4.Most of the time the answer maybe so simple that you may just dont consider it relevant

5.Try all types of combinations

  eg:number to alphabet conversion

1234 maybe represented as abcd

6.Use google search to find answers

Most Important:

If you think the answer is right and still not getting to next page on typing the ans, try using a different extension...

The extensions available are html and htm, these extensions are laid out in a tricky way so that an intelligent person can get past it,easily...


 1.Links have been given on certain pages which are very difficult to solve. Especially in the password levels

2.Some pages have been changed to prvent easy access by hackers

pages which are changed


Tips for pages 1-20

Pages 1-10 are so simple that they dont require a tip


Pages 10-20

page 10: Try to find a hidden link to next page and click on it

Page 11: Find the personnel who look after the health of not only Indians, but the whole world.

Page 12:Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Foolishness !!! If I discuss answers here, anyone can get through!!


Use your brains, I will post tips to the most difficult pages soon